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After having content useful. The next thing to consider is the layout of the blog. Blog layout is important because many visitors who give priority to the appearance of a blog. If your blog look attractive, visitors will be interested to read the contents of your blog and the most important thing is they will always remember your blog.
One way to optimize the blog is to choose a good tempate. Actually, quite a lot of bloggers to provide a template that we can use to optimize your blog display only when we create a new blog does not appear all. To see all the templates provided by blogger. Sign in to the menu layout --> Pick New Template.

If you feel less good templates. You can use the modern template developed by third parties. Many services that provide free templates. If you type the word "free template" in google. You will find many websites that provide free templates for bloggers. One of the good service that I use is eblogtemplates.com. This website offers hundreds of unique and great templates. There are 2 columns, 3 columns, and 4 columns. Everything is provided free of charge.

Once you find your dream template. Put your blog templates in the following manner:

1. Log in to Blogger. Click the Layout menu and then click Edit HTML

2. Backuplah your template first before installing the new template so you can return again if there was an error in the new template. Do I click on Download Full Template select Save File and press OK.

3. After the backup is complete. Click Browse, find the template you want installed and click Upload. If there appears to confirm "Widgets are about to be deleted". That means the widgets are installed on the old template will be deleted. Well to make sure that this is first installed widgets that important or not important if backuplah first widgetsnya before you replace the new template. I

4. If so, click the Confirm & Save and then click View Blog to see the results.


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