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blogger log has become a new trend in the virtual world because of its development is so rapid from day to day. Blog now not only used as a means to communicate and exchange information but also a convincing business area.

For those of you who want to try it. I recommend you to create a blog on because this program is a service from Google that your blog more easily listed in the Google search engine. And besides it is also easy to make. Only a 3-step process you can have your own blog.

The first step
Open site you will enter the front view the first blogger you see in the image below: 

Select the desired language (top right corner of the page), then click Create Your Blog Now. This will bring up the page as shown below:

Fill in all the data needed. Then click Continue

Step two
The following page will appear as shown below: 

Fill in the blog title and address of your blog, for example "(yourblogName).". For this case, should the contents of your blog address with the title of your blog so visitors easier to find your blog address. Then click on Check Availability or check availability. If no one uses, then the address can be used. Then click Continue

Step three
Next you'll be taken to view the first like the picture below: 

Choose one of the templates that you want to use, then click Continue , then there will be a confirmation "Your blog has been successfully created" as shown below. Click Continue to start your blog.

Happy blogging ...!!!


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