How to Easily Accepted Google Adsense

There are not yet joined google adsense? Been rejected by Google Adsense? Here I will lay out a simple and inexpensive to be accepted quickly by Google Adsense.
In this way Purely from my own experience and I have proved myself successful. With this method, I've enrolled myself, my female adhik (already transparent above 100 U.S. dollars), my wife, and also my brother-in-law. Thus, this trick-sha-Alloh accountable.
The way that I use fairly simple, cheap and easy. So for those of you who have not been registered or may have been rejected by Google ...

10 Tips To Increase Revenue And Or Maximize Your Income Through Google Adsense Ads

make-money-from-adsense-and-simple blogger. in this article I will write some simple tips to improve or maximize advertising revenue from Google Adsense. I Realize a lot of (Thousands of bloggers) or the webmaster newbies like me are still learning how to increase earned income in the form of dollars from Google Adsense.

solution does not appear in the google search engine

I share about the things that usually do if the index had lost the whole page like this, but it's not meant that way I'll really, but this is the reply I do if a case like this, and had always worked, so maybe this info can help .

just tips step I do is:

1 - Eliminate the first as a meta tag description and keyowrd

2 - Resubmit repeated in google sitemap

3 - Ping manually, such as in

4 - create a new post articles as a fisherman wrote, for knowing all the new content immediately to the index yet, this is usually just a few minutes out direct posting was a good index by google.
5 - Done.

do not believe in the theory and world trends google seo recommendations,

How to Easily Accepted Google Adsense

believe God.....

New from Paypal

Sekarang Paypal support Bahasa Indonesia,
jika kita login ke paypal maka di samping kanan atas ada pilihan untuk merubah bahasa,

Selain bahasa Indonesia juga tersedia Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia namun tentu saja jika account kita ber IP address Indonesia maka yang hanya tampil 2 pilihan yaitu US English dan Bahasa Indonesia.

Namun sayangnya tidak semua konten diterjemahkan kedalam bahasa Indonesia,hanya halaman-halaman yang banyak dikunjungi saja. Dan untuk halaman untuk nomor telfon dan Email Support melalui customer support akan tetap dalam bahasa Ingris.

tapi anda dapat menggunakan google translate unuk menerjemahkanya..

Caring for Battery Tips Laptop / Notebook

Notebook devices now often become the choice of many people to help a variety of daily activities. Even so, it was not all owners or notebooks users know how to treat the notebook and the battery is properly and correctly.
Consumer Product Safety Commission has noted the U.S. notebook cases are smoking or burning, a few years ago. In the battery because of an improper, and there are also some cases due to defective products.

Here are tips for caring for laptop batteries that last longer:

    * Do not use notebook battery and charger is not compatible. If you are not sure about the compatibility of the replacement battery or charger is used, contact the notebook manufacturer's service related.
    * Battery notebook may become hot even in normal use.Do not use the notebook as he placed in your lap.
    * When using a notebook, avoid putting the notebook on a soft surface / soft, such as on a couch, bed or carpet. Because such surface will inhibit the flow of water at the bottom of the notebook and can cause   overheating.
    * Prevent the occurrence of contacts on a loose battery holder with a variety of objects made of metal, such as paper clips, coins thin, and so on.
    * Battery notebooks, including the notebook itself, of course, not to place excessive pressure resulting from a fall, knock, or crushed by heavy objects Stacked on top of it. This would result in battery circuits become vulnerable to short-circuit occurs (shorted out) which then lead to overheating
    * Do not place the notebook in the aera that can become very hot, such as in the hot sun or in the car parked for a long time in the open during the day.
    * To be wet or exposed to water, are things to avoid from the notebook or the battery. Although eventually will dry up and can function normally, the circuit inside the notebook or the battery will slowly rust and make the safety of vulnerable users.
    * Make sure you understand how to use, store and charge the battery and the notebook has been written in the manual.

Fungsi dan Cara Membuat RSS

If you dah never learn HTML, you'll easily learn how to create RSS 2.0. Step to make RSS is as follows.
    * Declaring XML
Since the RSS 2.0 should be validated as XML, xml rss feeds then the first line should have an XML declaring beforehand.
Writing the script above encoding is optional but recommended to follow as above. If you use other than UTF-8 then you should replace these lines.

    Note: If you are using CFML and have whitespace due to the Application.cfm file
    Note: If you are using CFML and have whitespace due to Alplikasi.cfm files, then you can reset it with Output Buffer

    * RSS Feed Information
rss feed generator

After that you can put your information on RSS, as his Title, description, and links from his site.
This is my rss 2 feed description
Mon, September 12, 2005 18:37:00 GMT en-us
In the last Build Date to the date and time when the last feed was changed. Date of the RSS feeds must be in accordance with RFC 822. In CFML Dateformat mask should look like so ddd, dd mmm yyyyHH: mm: ss. Date must be offset with GMT. tag lastBuildDate not recommended but should be in cantumklan too. and TimeFormat must be the same as above.

    * RSS Items

Furthermore, we Enumeration of each RSS item, each item must have a Title, links, and description, date of publication and instructions. Mon, September 12, 2005 18:37:00 GMT [CDATA [This is the description. ]]
Make sure you do not mebgetikkan some characters that may cause your XML is invalid, following the example of characters that should be included <,>, &

    Note: the CFML you can use the function XmlFormat to kevalidan characters in XML.

    * Close the channel and tag RSS.

Done ...

Notebook Sony Vaio F Series

In the CES 2010 event, beginning in January 2010 and then, Sony did not waste the big event, including with the announcement of M Series Vaio notebooks which aslah a new device. As in the picture looks Vaio F for version 2004.

Notebook Sony Vaio F Series is an update of the 2004 version, namely with the model number VPC-M111AX / B and VPC-M111AX / W. There are no specifications and price information about the new Sony notebook is

I'm Just A Blogger Who Love Seo

I'm Just A Blogger Who Love Seo contest is a special event Indonesian bloggers with keyword "I'm Just A Blogger Who Love Seo" which lasted for a week until the closing or the Judging will be conducted on Saturday. so there is time left to live another day to Optimize and participating in the contest scene this search engine optimization, because many bloggers, bloggers who took part so what's wrong I come, win or lose that is important about the umpteenth jazz and a bit to learn about seo know better fundamentally and the total of what is seo.

Install Social Bookmark in Blog

What is social bookmarking? Social bookmarking is a method for Internet users to be able to store, organize, search, and manage bookmarks on the Internet web pages with the help of meta data, usually in the form of tags simultaneously and / or collaboration to folksonomy. Folksonomy tag is also social, "the process by which many users add meta data in the form of keywords to different content" (wiki). Now you know what it is social bookmarking? Pal can easily share articles to blog buddies in this bookmarking service, even the visitors blog buddies.
Examples bookmarking services such as: technorati,, digg, google bookmarks and more. Does my friend want to install? If so follow these steps: 

5 Steps to Becoming Programmer Entrepreneur

To be a programmer Entrepreneur, we have identified several steps that need to be done.
include :

12 Kesalahan Website Hingga Dijauhi Robot Search Engine

Jika Anda memiliki situs atau blog, tentunya Anda ingin blog atau situs Anda menjadi to searches di search engine, atau setidaknya sudah dikenal oleh search engine. Tahukah Anda kesalahan apa saja yang membuat website atau blog Anda dijauhi robot search engine?

Apa itu RSS dan feed, serta kegunaannya

RSS merupakan singkatan yang merujuk kepada beberapa protokol :

  • Really Simple Syndication ( RSS 2.0 )
  • RDF Site Summary ( 0.9 dan 1.0 )
  • Rich Text Summary ( 0.91 )

lalu, Apa itu RSS?

Make Money from Ziddu

Before I deliver tips on how to find extra money in passive income on the internet through, how much better I have to say in advance what and whom it Ziddu?. According to the saying, do not know it was love. is one of the many services on the Internet to upload and download data / files for free without paying a dime. But instead that one of the distinguished service with the other Ziddu is we'll get paid when someone download a file that we uploaded in Ziddu. Why do we pay?. Because Ziddu share some sustenance from the acquisition of advertising to the members. Exciting is not it?.

Advantages join

Widget Pilihan Untuk Mempercantik Blog Anda

Widget jika berhubungan dengan web ataupun blog maka yang dimaksud adalah sebuah tool (alat yang berguna) dalam memaksimalkan keindahan, kecantikan, serta “kenarsisan” blog Anda. *heuheu* Widget sendiri merupakan sebuah elemen yang berguna dan mudah digunakan baik yang telah disediakan oleh penyedia layanan blog yang Anda gunakan maupun berasal dari third party atau pihak ketiga.

SEO Tips on Page and Off Page SEO Website Simple boost in Search Engine

Tips kali ini membahas mengenai SEO on page dan SEO off page secara sederhana. Pada dasarnya SEO itu mudah dan bisa diaplikasikan oleh siapa saja walau seorang beginner sekalipun.
Sayang walaupun mudah kadang orang masih banyak yang bingung, bahkan mereka yang belajar berulang-ulang kalipun kadang belum menemukan hasil yang terbaik.
Boleh jadi ini akibat banyaknya referensi yang digunakannya yang kadang tidak membuatnya semakin mengerti namun sebaliknya menjadi susah akibat penjelasan yang terlalu rumit dengan istilah-istilah yang asing, atau bisa juga kurang tekun, sabar, plus ditambah kurang praktek dari yang bersangkutan.
Mau tahu tips sebenarnya kunci sukses SEO ?

Simple ways to Adsense Account Quickly on Approve

Some of you might not be a problem anymore about how to get your Google Adsense account on quickly approve, but for some other business to his new Google Adsense PPC advertising, this may also be a constraint.
Tip this time might be useful especially for those who constraints.why your account until now has not been approved, any new way to pursue the Google Adsense advertising business.
Actually quite simple to solve this problem, simply use the following 3 simple ways are:

Creating Morquee Text

Previously never thought to make tips like this just reply my Little Brother Faith did not want to make tutorial marque. Actually I doubt, a smart bseorang Faith blog as a good template that has asked me to make tutorials marquee? Anyway html language is most vulnerable to people my age, still green moss:) But yes what's wrong with just a share, which obviously is not the tutorial you know, just tips to maximize the ability, beauty and text on any post or sidebar of your blog.

What is a Marquee?

Marquee is a walking text in html language. Kalo we see marquee does not seem to think there is a semantic relationship with the text running, but if you notice it anymore ... mmmmh nothing to do ^ _ ^ (it seems). But we are going to reply further notice, Marquee has the meaning "Big Tent," or "like the roof of the shelter upfront entrance of a building" Mmmmh ... what to do with a text marquee running ...? At least in my opinion there is, through the "tent" the people passing by walking. :)

Here are some examples of the use of a small marquee in the text. Deliberately-marquee marquee below me give marquee title from 1.0 to 3.0.3, there is no privilege of naming it, just to ease me in giving explanations. Plus I include additional html code that is required, you can simply replace the existing text in the code "Your text".

Marquee 1.0
morquee is text running

Marquee 1.0 is a standard marquee text that you can run it by default (from right to left).
Tag Html

<marquee>Your Text</marquee>
Marquee 1.0.1
morquee is text running

Marquee 1.0.1 is the development of 1.0, his privilege if you point your mouse on the text then he will rest and stop.
Tag Html

<marquee onmouseover="this.stop()" onmouseout="this.start()">Your Text</marquee>
Marquee 1.0.2
morquee is text running

Marquee 1.0.2 if you use the Arabic text which starts from right to left, then you need this Marque is run opposite; from left to right, samples with arabic text:

مرقو ادلح تيكس برجالان

Tag Html

<marquee direction="right">your text</marquee>
Marquee 2.0
morquee is text running

2.0 Marquee  has no previous magic.arquee capabilities that can penetrate the space, this 2.0 Marquee job back and forth from the invisible box. 
Tag Html

<marquee behavior="alternate">Your Text</marquee>
Marquee 2.0.1

morquee is text running

Marque 2.0.1 Development of the marquee before, with a teaser scrollamount he became very aggressive

morquee is text running
Tag Html

<marquee behavior="alternate" scrollamount="18">Your Text</marquee>

Marquee 2.0.2

morquee is text running

Marquee 2.0.2 Still  Marquee development of 2.0 with a touch of on-mouse-over stop and on-mouse-out start, like a marquee 1.0.1 if you point your mouse on the text then he will stop.
Tag Html

<marquee behavior="alternate" onmouseover="this.stop()" onmouseout="this.start()">Your Text</marquee>
Marquee 3.0

morquee is text running #1
morquee is text running #2

morquee is text running #3
morquee is text running #4
morquee is text running #5
morquee is text running #6
morquee is text running #7

Marquee 3.0  He is climbing, if you have a lot of text, then this is an option marquee nail on the head and is very suitable.
Tag Html

<marquee direction="up">Your Text</marquee>
Marquee 3.0.1

morquee is text running #1
morquee is text running #2
morquee is text running #3
morquee is text running #4
morquee is text running #5

morquee is text running #6
morquee is text running #7

Marquee 3.0.1 Development of the previous marquee that has no space limit, this marquee we restrict the motion so smoothly height 100 only. So with his abilities we scrollamount slow. And we love on the mouse stop / start.
Tag Html

<marquee direction="up" onmouseover="this.stop()" width="100%" scrollamount="2" onmouseout="this.start()" height="100">Your Text</marquee>
Marquee 3.0.2

morquee is text running #1

morquee is text running #2
morquee is text running #3
morquee is text running #4
morquee is text running #5
morquee is text running #6
morquee is text running #7

Marquee 3.0.2  is still developing from earlier, only the text in the middle of the visible.

Tag Html

<marquee direction="up" width="100%" scrollamount="2" height="100" align="center">Your Text</marquee>
Marquee 3.0.3

morquee is text running #7
morquee is text running #6
morquee is text running #5
morquee is text running #4
morquee is text running #3
morquee is text running #2

morquee is text running #1

Marquee 3.0.3 Development is also a marquee in the opposite direction from the previous, this marquee so glad to walk down. So text that we see running from top to bottom. Scrollamountnya capabilities we do not restrict that looks aggressive with a small visible space. Please slow down your own.
Tag Html

<marquee direction="down" width="100%" height="100">Your Text</marquee>
Thus these simple tips, please you try ....! If you'd like adding another marquee please write a comment.. :)

Keep Blogging ^_^

Cara Daftar & Setting Feed Blogger Ke FeedBurner Plus "Bonus" Memasang 3 Widget FeedBurner

Untuk meningkatkan pembaca/traffic blog kita, salah satu caranya adalah mendaftarkan feed blog ke feedburner. Untuk personal blog mungkin tidak menjadi masalah mau dapat pembaca/traffic banyak atau sedikit *its not a big deal*, sudah bisa eksis ngeblog dan nulis via blog juga sudah jadi kebanggaan tersendiri. Berbeda bagi blog yang memang membutuhkan traffic dengan lalu lintas pengunjung yang terus meningkat setiap harinya agar income via internet pun semakin bertambah, jika demikian feedburner salah satu pilihan yang tepat untuk mendatangkan pengunjung baru setiap harinya. Untuk menambah traffic dan income atau sekedar menunjukkan, “Hello World, here I’am, and is myblog and mystory…!” :)

generate money from AW Survey

With so many paid survey wrote, was that I can recommend only 1, the AW Survey, the others are usually problems in the payment game, instructions are not clear, and that most of the scam, aka penipuan.dlm time 1 month (according to some passer-sdh receive payment) and we will receive net $ 50 in paypal us because cut administration., rules, instructions are not clear, and that most of the fraud scam, rules, instructions are not clear, and the most is the  fraud scam.
But it is not true....

Meta-tags Generator Tool

Website Title:

eg. iWEBTOOL - Please note, longer titles are usually better.
Website Description:

eg. Top frequently used
webtools at your fingertips.
Website Keywords:
webtools,genreate - Please separate each keyword with a comma.

Meta-tags Extractor Tool

Extract meta-tags from:


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Link Extractor Tool

Website Address:


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Broken Link Checker Tool

Check URL:


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Google Adsense Calculator Tool

Daily Impressions:

Click Through Rate (%):

Cost Per Click($):

Powered by iWEBTOOL

Website Speed Test Tool

Your domain(s): Enter each address on a new line (Maximum 10)


Rank Checker Tool

google rank and alexa rank.....

Your domain(s): Enter each address on a new line (Maximum 10)


Please remember to include the 'www.' prefix into your domains

Keyword Suggestion Tool

Enter a keyword to analyze:


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Keyword Density Checker Tool

Enter website
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Use Open Source Software

Open source software starts with a campaign to provide and use the software for free. Also any software that includes open source software (open source) have the source code (source code) are freely downloaded and distributed by embracing certain principles and ethics. The development will be by a particular community and they will exchange information to develop software for the better.

Spider View Tool

View search for:
(eg. onlinetools)

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Google PageRank Prediction Tool

 This tool will provide an estimation of the future PageRank and should not be considered precise.
Your Domain (URL):


Index Checker Tool

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Google Datacenter Search tool

Enter Keyword:

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Google Banned Chacker tool

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Page Rank Chacker Tool

This is a tool to Chack page rank blog. how to use it very easily.
simply by entering your domain name below ....

and see the results....
Your domain:


Powered by iWEBTOOL

Backlink Checker Tool

I add the blog tools ... Blogwalking while reading an article neighbor ... Instead, find the cool tools. Actually I just want to check the web for me, but think about it too cool diblog reply in this love ...

Simply ... please use this tool to check backlinks on the web / blog colleagues. This tool iWEBTOOL property. Because this is free, only be used 5 times (in tempo 1jam) then use the best possible. Easy hopefully useful. Eiitsss, a message again, the more backlinks you have the sign if the web / blog you are good in the eyes of search engines. Please try it out soon ...

Your domain:

Articles Computer Security

Maybe this is something that is often discussed in various articles about computers in the entire blog on the Internet. I myself since my computer connected to the internet has not even faced a serious problem with the name of the virus. Although never occasionally made dizzy by it
Well at least until the article was written for computer security!

Tips Blog Increase Traffic Rank

Have a high traffic blog that is the dream of every blogger. Because with a blog that many visitors, then the advertiser or advertisers will flock to come to our blog to advertise, which means money will continue flowing into our pockets.

Therefore, no wonder if every webmaster is always vying for all the ways to increase blog traffic. But to have a high bertrafik blog is not easy. We have to sacrifice much time, effort, thought and money to make it happen. But believe me as long as we have the determination and the strong desire of any of our dreams can come true.

Now to build blog traffic, there are 2 important things you should do is:

Content is king. Every visitor who came to your blog is to read your content (for information, solutions, and ideas). Therefore, write quality content and useful to visitors so they always return to your blog.

After having content, the next step you should do is campaign. Promotion is the heart of the business. Without any promotion your item as good as no one knows. Useless. So if you want to generate abundant traffic. So this step you must do.

Here are the ways to promote your blog.
  1. Register your blog to search engines. Read more you can learn here.
  2. Sign up blog to blog directories like Technorati, Mybloglog, and BlogCatalog. Complete list can be download here. 
  3. Submit your articles to social bookmarking. To inggirs submit articles to Technorati, Digg, Facebook, Stumbleupon and delicious. Meanwhile, Indonesia submit articles to news and Disorders Cross.
  4. Include your blog address on social networking sites like Facebook, Friendster, hi5 and myspace.
  5. Include your blog address in an email signature.
  6. Active in the forum to put your blog address in the signature.
  7. Blogwalking : This is the easiest way to promote your blog. In addition to blog can increase traffic. This method can also be established between the members silahturami rope bloggers.
  8. Other diblog leave a comment. Almost the same as blogwalking which aims to leave a trail of other blogs. Do not forget to include your blog address for the blog owner can return your visit.
  9. Post a free ad on classifieds sites such as,,, and others.
  10. Install BlogUpp widget.
Actually there are many other ways. But I believe the ways above is enough to bring traffic to your blog.

Good luck. May be useful ..

6 Tips To Increase Google Page Rank

In accordance with my promise in previous post about what is google page rank and benefits. So on this occasion I will share some tips that I use to increase google page rank. To increase the page rank we have to find as many backlinks.

Here are 6 tips that you can exploit to gather backlinks to improve page rank blog.

1. Write a good article and helpful
Every visitor who came to your blog is to read the contents of your article. If you are a good article and helpful for them. They will bookmark your blog or mengelink. Thus you will get a backlink from them. Therefore, write a good article and useful for your visitors.

2. Expand the number of pages in the blog
Page rank is not only influenced by the index pages but also influenced by the number of pages on his blog. Each additional articles on your blog will add inbound links (links in) to your blog. Therefore, diligent to post articles. But do not because I wanted to post an article that many then you others copy articles. Because in addition to violating ethics blogger, duplicate content is also hated and would not crawl by search engines. So make the original article with the words your own. Besides not unethical blogger. Search This also can increase your blog's position on search engine pages.

3. mutually relevant articles
This method is similar to the 2nd point is aimed to increase inbound links to your blog. If you look at some of my articles. You'll see there are links that lead to my old articles. It aims to provide backlinks to the blog page.

4. Link exchange
This is the most frequent and most often committed by the bloggers to increase page ranknya. Because that is the most easy to do I link You, You Link Me. Although this is easy but a huge waste of time because we must always monitor the blogs that we invite link exchange. If you are new blog then this is the best way to get backlinks.

5. Comments on the blog dofollow
On the Internet there are so many who have embraced blogs dofollow system. The meaning of Dofollow blogs are blogs that have been removing the attribute "nofollow" from comment formnya. So every time you leave a comment on the blog. You'll get a backlink to your requirements should be commented using the name and address of the blog is not a blogger profile. To find out what blogs are dofollow system adopted. Please ask to om google:)

6. List of blog to blog directory
Another way to get backlinks is to register the blog to blog directories. In addition to get backlinks. It also can increase blog traffic. Examples blog directory like Mybloglog, blogcatalog, and others. To find another blog directory. Please search on Google or download list here (PDF file).

Ok that's all from me. Hopefully simple tips could be useful for you.

Happy blogging!!

Information latest computer

An annual study conducted for the second time by Symantec reveals that data center managers are caught between two conflicting objectives, user expectations and greater levels of higher performance, with cost reduction continues to be the main goal for data centers.

The report also revealed that the provision of data center staff remains problematic because the servers and storage is less Utilized and disaster recovery plan is always behind the times. Lastly, the respondents indicated that the initiative data centers more environmentally friendly they are based on cost-saving efforts.

Adding Google and Yahoo Sitemaps In Blog

Meta tag is one technique often used by webmasters to optimize your blog or website to search engines or that are often referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Well yesterday I've had time to discuss about the meta tags for keywords and description. This time I will try to discuss about the meta tag for the Sitemap.

Sitemap is almost equal to the meta tag keywords and descriptions which serves both to facilitate the search engine to browse and read the contents of our website. The difference is to add a sitemap search engine on our blog so if any changes / updates on our website, search engines will soon find out and soon we are indexing pages in search engines.

Here I will explain how to add a Google sitemap and Yahoo Sitemap for second on the blog search engine is the most widely used by Internet users today.

How to add Google sitemap to blog

1. Login to your gmail account and then visit

2. After that enter your blog address in the box "Click here to add site". For example: Then click Add Site

3. Then will come the message "Your site has been added to your account .."

4. Click Verify your site

5. Click the dropdown menu and select Add a meta tag

6. Copy existing code and put it in the box as an example that has been given

7. If still confused, click the Edit HTML bloggers

8. Put the above code <title> <data:blog.pageTitle/> </ title>

9. If you already click Save Template and then back again to the Google Webmaster Tool

10. Click Verify.

11. If successful it will display the message "You've successfully verified .."

How to add Yahoo sitemap on blog

Yahoo sitemap for almost the same way by adding a Google sitemap as above. Following steps:

1. Log into your yahoo mail and visit

2. Enter your blog address and click the Add my site

3. click By adding a META tag to my homepage

4. Copy the code as I have circled below.

5. Open the Edit  HTML bloggers.

6. Put the above code <title> <data:blog.pageTitle/> </ title>. If you've installed the Google sitemap. Put fitted underneath.

7. If you already click Save Template and then back to Yahoo sitemap. Click Ready to authenticate.

8. If successful it will display "Your site has been authenticated".

Good luck. May be useful .......

Meta Tags Keyword and Description on Blogger

In order to connect with the previous post about how to register a blog to search engines and tips to blog quickly indexed in search engines. So in this post I will discuss about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) more.

There are many SEO techniques that can be applied to optimize your blog. Like to build backlinks, optimize content, install meta tags, and sign the blog to the directory or search engine.

Well of all the above techniques, the easiest way is to apply meta tags installed. Place the meta tag on the blog just like to give identity to our blog. Purpose is to make search engines more easily recognize the contents of our blog. Since the first time that the crawl or traced in our blog title is part blog, so it would be nice if we attach a description or keywords related to the contents of our blog in the tsb.

To put meta tags in blogger very easy way:

1. Open bloggers. Click Layout -> Edit HTML

2. Put the script below meta tag under <data:blog.pageTitle/> <title> code </ title>

    <meta name="description" content="deskripsi blog"/>
    <meta name="keywords" content="keywords blog"/>
    <meta name="robots" content="index follow"/>

Replace red printed writing in accordance with the following explanation:

Blog description: description of your blog. Example: "tutorials make blogs for bloggers". Try the sentence no longer than 150 characters

keyword blog: content with the keyword or keywords related to your blog. Example: "blogger tips, blogger tutorial, tutorials blog". Try not to repeat more than 1 word 3 times and did not fill the keywords that are not relevant to the content of your blog. For example your blog is about travel and then you give the keyword "free download, nude photos, video porn" which is popular on the internet keyword. Because this will be considered spamming.

index follow: means asking spiders to index or browse the link on the blog page. If you do not want spiders to index the link on your blog page. Use the command "noindex nofollow".

3. If you have, click Save Template. Done.

Good luck. Good blog buddy increasingly familiar with Google and friends.

Legendary Street Fighter Game Released Soon

TOKYO - After a long-lost, legendary Street Fighter game will be launched again in the near future. The previous game titled Street Fighter II Turbo converted into Street Fighter II Turbo High Definition (HD). According to the plan, game maker Capcom Company will release the final game in November.

Street Fighter who had become an icon in the console gaming in the era of the 90s will be repeated in the Xbox 360 version and the Playstation 3. Street Fighter Turbo HD Capcom was also claimed as a game with high quality, with a new soundtrack, and graphics are more subtle. The number of color Palettes that are used now as many as 128 colors, from previously only using 16 colors only.

Game will also feature a central figure, like Ken, Ryu, and Chun Lie, but still maintains an image as first issued. Character of these figures will also be represented by front line of a more assertive character that looks better.
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD will be thrown into the market by way of downloadable games via the online store Xbox Live and Playstation Network. However, Capcom did not want to mention the price of the full game this violent scene.

Tips Blog Quick Indexed In Search Engines

Previously, I've never talked about how to supmit a blog to blog search engines to more easily indexed. It is true that this method can speed up the blog listings in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and others. However, relying only way is of course not enough because it can take up to 2 -3 weeks so we can blog indexed by search engines such.

Now that you do not wait too long, here I will share some tips for your blog can be indexed in less than 1 week. Although not a hundred percent guarantee, but this way I have tried and average my blog indexed within 1-3 days. Ok here it is-tipsnya tips.
  1. After making blog. Write down at least 1-2 articles in your blog.
  2. After that, do a ping to Ping-o-matic. Ping-o-matic is a service that serves to inform the search engines to update your blog. Do ping only when you post a new article. Do not often use these services because it could be considered spamming.
  3. List your blog to Technorati. Why Technorati? Because Technorati is the largest directory site with PR current with the register 9 so that your blog there will be increasing your blog's popularity in the eyes of search engines and also will facilitate the search engines to index your blog.

Ok I guess that's all-tipsnya tips. Actually, there are still other ways. But I think that alone is enough to quicken your blog indexed in search engines. To check whether your blog is indexed or not. Type site: Example: site: if your blog address appears at page search are already indexed your blog.

How to submit Blog to Search Engines

For the newly created blog is usually not directly indexed in search engines or search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and others. To have your blog's name can appear on search pages like Google, Yahoo, MSN and others. Then you need to register your blog on search engine tsb. Although this approach does not guarantee you can blog directly indexed, but this way, your blog can take priority.

On the Internet there are so many search engines but the most widely used are Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Here are the steps to register your blog to search engines.

Subscribe to Google

1. Visit
2. Then you will be asked to fill in your blog data

    URL: fill with your blog address. For example,
    Comments: The contents of the keyword or description of your blog
    Optional: Enter the text you looked at the box

3. If you already click Add URL

Supmit for Yahoo

1. Visit https: / / / submit
2. Login with your yahoo id.
3. Click the Submit a Website or Webpage
4. Enter your blog address and click Submit URL

Supmit for MSN

1. Visit Http:// 
2. Enter the text shown in the image and the content of your blog address
3. If you already click Submit URL. Done

Sign up for more than 40 other search engines

1. Visit

After you register, you must wait several days for search engines to index your blog. To check whether the blog you've indexed or not. Type site: the search box. For example: site:

Good luck. May be useful ..

HTML code appearing in the post

There was a friend to ask this, how do rohman bang for the HTML code to appear on the blog post? So from there came the idea to create a post of this, perhaps there among all the friends who also have a question like that? the answer might be this way. In order for the HTML code may appear in the posts of our blog, there are several ways and what I know now it's just a new two-way (perhaps there are friends who know better).

The first is that you must change the command characters of the HTML programs with a specific notation. Characters who are often in use as shown in the table below:

   Open Pointy brackets
   Pointy brackets close
   Dablle qiots
   plus minus

to better understand me give an example, suppose in your post contain words like this:
To make it enough to just put the program below:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="10">


Now in your post, if you want to look like that so that the write is not exactly like the code above, because later on posting writing the code will not appear, which is precisely the effect of the code you write. trus gimana solution? As I write in the table, you must replace the characters with commands successor notation, so you should write to the post is like this:

To make it enough to just put the program below:



&lt;meta http-equiv="refresh" content="10"&gt;




Placing orders and is to indicate that you write is an HTML code, and even later writings that are in this command will tanpil different from the writings of others, as an example please see my post the others who put HTML codes. affixing
command is to make writing move down, if you do not put this
command, although in the post you write much down, the result will remain united.

Huh, too tired from earlier brain-tweaking, it was the first way. The second way is to use the text area. How to create a full text area please click here. For example, to write the code above, the posting of you should write like this:

To make it enough to just put the program below:


<p align="left"><textarea name="code" rows="6" cols="400">&lt;meta http-equiv="refresh" content="10"&gt;


To make it enough to just put the program below:

This is easy? good luck and work.

oupss ... I forgot, to post as I have described him up, you should be in a position not on the Edit HTML compose position.

OK,for the second time ... good luck.

How To Make Box Contents

This post I made to answer a question from a fellow blogger who asked me via email. He asked to me, "mas, how do I make a box like in the tutorial blogger blog mas Crieshna?" Hm .. Perhaps that meant was that this time it.....
Blogger Tutorial
1. Apa itu blog
2. Panduan membuat blog di blogger
3. Bagaimana cara memposting artikel pada blog
4. Optimalkan tampilan blog dengan template modern
5. Mengganti header template pada blogger
6. Cara mudah mengganti warna dan font template
7. Mengenali fungsi-fungsi dalam menu setting blog
8. cara menambahkan read more/ baca selengkapnya pada blogger
9. Cara membuat dan memasang shoutbox pada blogger
10. Cara mengatasi masalah pada kode read more
11. Memasang foto di profile
12. Apa fungsi label
13. Cara menambahkan yahoo emoticons pada blogger
14. Memposting kode HTML pada artikel
15. Mendaftar dan mengupload gambar di photobucket
16. Menambah favicon pada blogger
17. Menambahkan search box atau kotak pencari pada blogger
18. Cara menghapus gambar di picasa web album
19. Tips menghilangkan warna pada kotak blockquote
20. Cara mendapatkan kode warna dengan photoshop
21. Cara mendapatkan kode warna dengan ms paint
22. Cara membackup template, widget, dan artikel
23. Cara menghilangkan icon quick edit berbentuk tang dan obeng
24. Memasang feedjit pada blogger
25. Memasang jam pada blog
26. Membuat efek marquee atau teks berjalan
27. Tentang RSS feed
28. Memanfaatkan translator online dari google
29. Pasang Google Translator pada blog
30. Cara membuat kotak scrollbar pada blogger

Ok actually quite easy to make a list of contents as above. For those of you who have long blogging already know how to make it just that maybe a different way.

Now the following I will provide a way to make the box contents list in my own way. Please follow for those who want to try it.

1. Login to Blogger. Open the Layout -> Page Elements
2. Click Add a Gadget -> HTML / Javascript. Enter the code below into the box

.list {
border-bottom:1px dotted #ddd;line-height:1.2em;

<div style="overflow:auto; padding:3px; margin:0px 0px 0px 0px; width:380px; height:180px; background-color: #ffffff; border:1px solid #ffffff;">

<div class="list">
1. <a href="">What's blog</a></div>

<div class="list">
2. <a href="">Guide to blog on blogger</a></div>


The box is 380px wide, 180px high is the box, # ffffff background-color on a color background, and # ffffff in the border is the color of edge lines. Please be replaced in accordance with your template.

Replace red text with your post address and replace the red text bold in your post title. If you want to add a new post then copy the code and put flashing over code</div
Do not forget to replace the numbers with the number 3 and so on if you want to add a new post again.

3. If you already click Save Template. Done.

If you want to use icon images instead of numbers then change the code below

.list {
border-bottom:1px dotted #ddd;

replace with code

.list {
background: url("") no-repeat left center;
border-bottom:1px dotted #ddd;
padding:3px 0px 0px 20px;

Replace red text with your picture icon address and delete the numbers on each post title.

Good luck. Good luck.....
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