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An annual study conducted for the second time by Symantec reveals that data center managers are caught between two conflicting objectives, user expectations and greater levels of higher performance, with cost reduction continues to be the main goal for data centers.

The report also revealed that the provision of data center staff remains problematic because the servers and storage is less Utilized and disaster recovery plan is always behind the times. Lastly, the respondents indicated that the initiative data centers more environmentally friendly they are based on cost-saving efforts.
"This study confirms the situation that we saw in the field. More attention directed at initiatives that will encourage rapid cost savings rather than programs to obtain a return on investment (ROI) in the long term. Storage has become a major focus in these initiatives because of the need for capacity continues to increase despite challenging economic circumstances, "said Rob Soderbery, Senior Vice President of Symantec's Storage and Availability Management Group, through its official statement, Friday (16/1/2009).
Doing More Work with Lower Cost 75 percent of all respondents surveyed reported that increased user expectations is slowly or quickly. In addition, 60 percent of respondents view, meet the service level desired by the company or organization more difficult or much more difficult. Only 10 percent looked easier to service levels met. However, when asked to identify the main objectives for 2008, reducing costs is the most goals mentioned. Address the fact, mentioned cost reduction by more companies than the other two goals (to improve service levels and improve the response) are combined.
The main initiative is to seek the data center to do more work with lower cost, including the automation of routine tasks (mentioned by 42 per cent of respondents), cross-training of staff (40 percent) and reducing the complexity of the data center (35 percent).
Permanent Staffing Manjadi Big Trouble According to the study, provision of staff remains a Crucial issue with 36 percent of respondents reported that they lack the staff, while 4% reported overstaffed. In addition, 43% said that finding qualified applicants is a big problem or a very big problem. To answer the problem of compliance staff, many companies rely on outsourcing (outsourcing) and training. Nearly half (45 percent) power over programs intended to give more time to the data center staff to focus on other tasks. Three major IT dialihdayakan functions include business continuity (46 percent), backup (43 percent) and storage management (39 percent). Training is considered strategic by 68 percent of respondents, with 78 percent expect training budgets to rise or remain constant in the next 2 years.
Servers and Storage Keep Less Utilized In 2008 the companies reported that their datacenter servers operate with a capacity of only 53 percent. The data center storage utilization even lower ie 50 percent. Not Surprisingly, Symantec found many activities undertaken to improve the utilization of these two areas. Major initiatives associated with the server including server consolidation (80 percent) and server virtualization (77persen). For storage, the main initiatives is to virtualize storage (76 percent), continuous data protection (71 percent) and storage resource management (71 percent).
Missed Period Disaster Recovery Management of data centers continue to report the need for improvements in the field of disaster recovery. The fact is, only 35 percent reported their disaster recovery plans on average, while 27 percent said they still need improvement and 9 percent reported they plan an unofficial nature, or not documented. The companies still feel that human error (human error) is the largest cause of unplanned downtime without, the figure reached 25 percent of the overall cause of downtime. Followed by the failure of hardware / software and the demise of the electricity.
Green Data Center Driven By Cost Continuing a trend that was first identified in 2007, the focus of the data center? Friendly environment? more driven by cost issues in 2008 with a social responsibility increased. This study asks why create a Green Data Center critical to their workplace. Reduce electricity consumption by 54 percent mentioned, followed by a reduction in cooling costs (51 percent) and sense of responsibility to the community (42 percent).
The report affirmed the need for solutions Research this year showed still more important for companies to control the data center complexity and cost. With the need to do more work with lower costs, companies are working hard to find solutions that have immediate impact on cost and efficiency.
Annual report State of the Data Center Symantec is the second of a survey conducted in September and October 2008 by Applied Research. This study aimed 1600 data center managers at companies in the Global 5000 list of institutions and public sector in 21 countries. To access the report State of the Data Center or review the additional resources the State of the Data Center, please visit the press kit online State of the Data Center.


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