How to Verify Technorati Claim Token In Blog

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Create a buddy "somewhat confused how to How to Verify Technorati Claim Token In Blog, or whether the Site blogspot, wordpress, joomla we register on Technorati's really very easy. This claim ordinary efforts at call with Technorati Claim Token.

The way these steps Technorati Claim Verification Token In Blog is as follows.
1. Make an account on the website Technorati
2. Register your blog or our site in their account by filling in your blog address
    we are in Start a blog on the claim form and then My claimed blogs
    press the claim.
3. After performing our site Screenshoot then continue by pressing
   Check Claim.
4. Until this step we must dinyatakn site has not been verified and given
    a number of verification / Claim Token.
5. Note that Claim Token Number.
6. Back to dashboard blog or back end of our site.
7. Create a page that contains the number of the Claim Token given.
8. Publish the page Technorati Claim Token
9. Back to our Technorati account. Claim Check back do.
10. If successful it will appear the message "We have successfully crawled your
     blog and found the claim token, and your claim is now awaiting review. "
11. Now move the site to verify or claim we have succeeded in sealing
     executed and stayed pending review by the Technorati.

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    * 2. The first Blog Promotion
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    * 4. Install Pics on Blog
    * 5. Maximizing employment blog
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    * 7. Mendaftardi directory Technorati
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Technorati: Direktori Blog, Tags & Bookmarks (7)
Like-been described previously, for the promotion of blogs to be more widely known at least you should submits to the two well-known blog directory: and
Technorati is the largest blog directory currently owned followed by google. Technorati not only serves as a directory of blogs, but also as Blogsearch, tags aggregator, tools to determine a website / blog whatever yg pasang link your blog and online bookmarks. What is a tag and online bookmarks and how to maximize the function technorati?
* Tag: tag-like dg subject or category. This serves to Facilitate the search engines find your writing. There is now a special reply the search engines search for 'tag'. So, for instance, give your blog tag "Indonesia", then every reply for the word 'Indonesia' in search engines, your blog will go.
At Technorati, we can put 20 tags for each blog. I dg contents include the names of countries in ASEAN wrote popular, plus other names. Because one of my blog tags are Brunei, my blog entry on the site so the government of Brunei yg have to enter the automated tool automatically sites / blogs contained the word Brunei. This is just an example.
* Social bookmarking: if you open Internet Explorer (IE), then there is the menu FAVORITE. Favorite links menu point to save your reply deem necessary in the IE you, including your own blog address so the next time they will be enough to open the link. from IE Favorite. How, after the opening address for example,, then click the menu FAVORITE. Click Add, and click OK.
Antecedent name offline bookmarks, now many sites providing online services yg bookmarks. Including Technorati. Excess, online bookmarks can be accessed at our online anywhere. Unlike offline dg yg bookmarks can only be accessed on our own computers.
The following step by step guide to maximize Technorati (dg assumption of this guide you already sign-up/register in Technorati. If not please register first).
1. Submit to Directory Blogs and Tags Technorati
How: a. After sign-in, click the ACCOUNT menu. b. There are instructions Claim a Weblog, the contents of your blog URL address in the reply box is available. Example: c. Click Begin Claim d. There Claim Quick menu, the contents dg id and password your blogspot. e. Click Quick Claim. f. Fill in a brief description of your blog in reply box is available. g. Put a tick in the menu "Include this blog in Technorati's Blog Finder" h. The contents of 20 tags (categories) you most like in the reply box is available. i. If you do not want to install facilities on your blog Technorati, then click on SAVE CHANGES. Done. j. If you want to install facilities Technorati (see examples in this blog: as Blogsearch, who links to this blog, etc., Then .. (i) put a tick in the menu "Show Technorati embed on my site" (ii) There is a preview of the display there, love / remove tick mark wrote nothing like it; (iii) copy / paste the code below the script, and enter in your blog template SIDEBAR. (iv) Click the SAVE CHANGES. Done.
2. Technorati Bookmarks / Favorites
a. Click FAVORITES b. Enter the address of your blog / website you want to store the reply in the box "Add a blog to your favorites" c. Click ADD. Done.
Note: - Bookmarks Technorati restrict loading of up to 50 address blog. - Blog / address of any site you can enter, including blogs / your own site. - Entering your blog at Technorati bookmark online will also increase your blog exposure.
3. Profile How: 1. Click the PROFILE menu. 2. Click the EDIT menu 3. The contents of the data including your photograph (if you want to show her picture). 4. Click SAVE PROFILE. Done.
4. Who's Your Blog Link?
* Knowing who wrote nge-link blog is important in our world perblogan (blogosphere). Since dg so, we can 'repay' dg how to create backlinks (linkback) blog Passer-ngelink our blog. This is called link-exchange.
* The more yg nge-link our blog, the better. Because the more easily found on google. Rise in our rankings on search engines Google, among others, depending on how much yg nge-link us. But, of course, people generally will not ngelink our blog, if we do not do the same thing, right?
How to Know Who We Link Blog. 1. Go to (no need to sign-in). 2. In the search box, the contents of our blog address. Example, when I enter the blog's address Crieshna, my senior at the University in March Eleven, Technorati menjawah: 8 sites link to: Then the blog is explained below anyone who put up the link.
If on, we can only make bookmarks only 50 links, then the alternative is less if you can register on the well-site free online bookmark service and unlimited as follows:
1. (This most famous and is now a part of the service








i get an issue
Your blog was declined for the following reason:

* We could not verify ownership of your blog.
A link back, widget or meta-tag is required to verify site ownership.

Please help me...thanks...

MasCris said...

where you submit your blog?

Anonymous said...

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