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Maybe some tutorials how to put music on a blog that was circulating at the time often gave way to incorporate that song into a blog we should go to a site by copying its code to embed in your blog, actually this is a very old one:) .

There are new ways of how we put music / songs to the blog, the blog that I mean here is a blog created by, but if there is use wordpress / joomla actually be too, but the reply joomla wordpress and it's always been there plugin / component itself:).

Well, here's how to put music / songs on my blog:

1. Log into

2. To blogger must already know, we stayed put widget "TEXT / HTML" wrote it.

3. Then copy the code blue below.
<embed autostart=”false” height=”40″ loop=”true” playcount=”2″ src=”URL of music file” width=”300″/></embed>


URL OF MUSIC (red text): URL where there is a streaming music we found.

Autostart: determine its value, If "false" means a song not played live in, but the reply "true" means when the song comes visitor will automatically be played.

loop: repetition or not when the song finished

If we want to put music in the background can directly use the code below, not much different from the same above:)

<embed autostart=”true” height=”0″ loop=”true” src=”URL of music file” width=”0″/>

Good try.....

The way the above is not able, and new ways are:
  1. Sign in to then list there, or can also directly search a song on it, but his search mode using a IDWS.
  2. See his reply the song directly embed code wrote his capture, his rich examples in this blog.

And there is also a second way, namely:
  • Sign in to, then upload the song list and there, later living select it and copy the song "embed code" it to our blog

This has proved successful........


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