How to Hack Windows

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If you need information on how to hack Windows, then here you can get about how to learn a simple hack on Windows. However, please note that the tips and tricks on this occasion only used for learning purposes.

1. When the computer starts up, press F8 on your keyboard until you see the screen "Starting Windows". Will open the a screen with a variety of options. Then select "Safe Mode with Command Prompt", and you can then do something like what you want:) 

2. Dialog will appear: by using the arrow down, select "All Files". Then will come the name of the file: Batch.bat. Open the file where you save it which will open the Command Prompt. 

3. However, if the notepad on your computer has been blocked, you can easily go to a web page and then go to "View> View Source". This method is very easy to open Notepad. 

4. After that, you will be able to do as you want in the command prompt. Here's how to add or delete an account:

    * Add Account: C:> net user USERNAME / add
    * Change the password: C:> net user USERNAME * You will immediately be able to enter a new password for your account. If you just hit enter without typing anything, your account will be reset the password ..
    * Delete Account: C:> net localgroup Administrators # # Another way is to open notepad, (if not blocked), and type "". Then go to File-> Save As. A USERNAME / ADD


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